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  • Do you match competitor prices?  In many cases if we are price comparing “apples to apples” and a competitor’s quote is brought in on their letterhead, we may match pricing. All decisions are made at Manager’s discretion.

  • Do you deliver?  Delivery within 20 miles is free; outside 20 miles is subject to Manager’s discretion.

  • Do you “pack and scatter” drywall?  Delivery of drywall and room by room distribution is available on main floor.

  • Is rooftop delivery available?  Roof top delivery is available as long as our shingle ladder will reach the roof in question. Scattering the shingles is customer’s responsibility

  • Do you install?  Installations are offered on select products and we can supply you with a list of qualified Contractors that will quote and install. 

  • What are building material prices doing?  Our Managers do all of their own purchasing and are very in tuned to the various building material markets and are happy to share information with our customers in regard to what an individual market is currently doing or has been doing. We don’t make future market predictions. 

    Do you rekey locksets and deadbolts? Yes, in most cases we can rekey locksets and deadbolts to match each other and/or ley them to match your exisiting key.

  • Do you cut new keys to match existing keys? Yes, we offer a wide variety of keys that we can cut.


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